Don’t be a statistic.

Did you know that according to Medicare’s CERT Program that 54% of payments made to chiropractors were made in error?

Are you doing all you can to avoid being an error rate statistic?


Find out below.

We all know the basics such as, always use the AT modifier for active treatment, always code the subluxation as primary diagnosis followed by the corresponding medical condition, include an initial treatment date, but there is so much more to be aware of when it comes to billing requirements.

Most of the errors found by the CERT Program were related to documentation, including a lack thereof, and can be easily avoided by making use of the educational and informational resources provided by CMS.

Here is a great article to keep you in the loop regarding documentation requirements:

And check out this great guide on common misconceptions regarding billing Medicare for chiropractic services:

It’s easy to get into a routine and lose track of changes. Keep yourself in the know by making use of all the tools available to you, protect yourself from an audit, and always stay informed!