Aetna announces strictly electronic claims.

Did you know…?

Aetna announces that as of January 1, 2017 they will no longer accept claims on paper.

Aetna states that per their participating provider standard contracts, all providers agree to submit claims electronically and it is now a requirement across the board.

This applies to re-submissions, corrected claims, and secondary COB claims as well

They have issued instruction as to how to indicate a submission of a corrected claim and that is by entering a 7 in Box 22, or the Claim Frequency Code field of the electronic claim.

Electronic claims submission has been proven to increase work flow efficiency, and increase revenue. And we have all experienced paper claims getting lost in the “abyss” never to be received by the payer, with no recourse to prove timely filing. With plenty of choices in software and clearinghouses that are available today it couldn’t be easier. So, if you’re still filing claims by paper now is your chance to embrace the digital age, update your policies and procedures and reap the benefits. If you submit claims to Aetna, make sure you’re ready by January 1 to go electronic!


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